Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Riding Northern Thailand: Prior Weather Condition Checking by Your Own

Here are the links for your conveniences to check and
learn about actual weather conditions, before you ride
the routes in northern Thailand, by yourself.

Observing and interpretating the weather condition
on your own can be very beneficial to you in real life.

It can be also better than a complete instant
weather forecast which can be distorted from
what you're specifically looking for.
It works well for me !!! and that I never
get stuck in weather when I ride !!!
( You can of course learn even more by yourself. )
* Click, Click, Click :

Monday, 12 November 2012

Real Mountain Biking: Along the trails : Wonderful things - What a wonderful world !


 Here is Mae Rim district of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.
Along the trail of realmountainbikingroute 7 this wild pink is such a nice decoration for the peaceful woods with only sounds of birds, wind, and falling leaves and also my breath. I think it's, just probably, a wild Hibicus, lovely thing to see. 
Good days to all krub,

Another lovely delicate thing. This one is just like little orchid.
It's so small and its leaves are also beautiful. One amongst
billions of wonderful things along
Does any botanist know what this winter plant is ?
Thank you,

This got to be something ! along Route7,
possibly a Conjagi plant shoot-seeds ?

These are flowers of wild giant rubber trees,
The Dipterocapus, spreading all around
the trail after fallings.
Ride through beautiful grass-land

Awesome rock courtyard rest-stop
Ask some Happy Riders - Participants


Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Looking For A Real Mountain Bike Action?

Here is a real modest guide book that would superbly
take you to some real fruitful fun in the mountainous
countrysides in Chiang Mai of northern Thailand.

And this webpage-blog has been created to
become a platform of informations for
real good mountain bicycling as well as exploration.

Now scroll down the page to go for 
what, where, and why !!! 

Available @ Suriwongse book-store, Sri Don Chai rd.,
Chiang Mai, Thailand

These are exclusively selected routes-trails that guarantee maximum fun ridings for all of you. If you think you're
good then try some of the routes to prove your skill.

With Google Map and Google Earth these days every spot
on earth is known and accessible. But how can we be sure that it would be safe and fun to ride there.

With our selected routes for you and along with or without GPS,
 or just your Android smart phone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, Galaxy, laptop intel core i7 or any computer then you can just easily find and see your starting point of riding using Google Map and
Google Earth then check out, compare, and connect our
route in the book to see real terrain to navigate yourself
for this sure fun.

But one certain point is: parts of our
bike-routes are not shown even in the
Google Map, Google Earth, or any sat. picture
because they are nice trails hiding
under the beautiful canopy of
the big forest: for you to explore.
Nowadays everyone is so proud to be seen
by / via Google but we are proud to
be unsearchable!!!.



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